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Father And Son Texas High School Football Coaches Todd And Riley Dodge Compete For State Title Saturday

by Keith Russell | CBS 11 Sports

DALLAS (CBS 11 SPORTS) - Who can forget South Lake Carroll winning the state title in 2006?

Head coach Todd Dodge, his son Riley the star quarterback and a moment that will live in infamy.

Riley Dodge said, "I threw up. I threw up on the football field."

Todd Dodge said, "Tre is sitting next to him and you can see Tre shaking his head. Like that's Riley."

Tre Newton, former Southlake Carroll running back said, "He had thrown up on the sideline between series but never actually in the game."

Todd Dodge said, "Then he throws the touchdown pass. That was legendary."

Southlake Carroll To Play For State Title In Unofficial 'Dodge Bowl'

As legend would have it.... that year, coached by Riley, beat Austin Westlake, now coached by Todd.

That would make anyone sick to their stomach. Father and son having to face off Saturday, Jan. 16, for all the marbles.

In this case, as Riley told CBS 11's Bill Jones. It's not a family feud.

Todd and Riley Dodge
Todd and Riley Dodge (CBS 11)

Riley Dodge said, "I think once the dust settles after the game. Whoever wins or loses. We'll be there for each other."

As for Riley's mom slash Todd's wife... Does she have to pick a side?

Elizabeth Dodge said, "You know he's so funny. He's like mom. dad is not your blood. I am your blood. He's not your blood. You just married him. We've kept it really light."

Bill Jones said, "I think you have leverage, too."

Riley said, "Yeah I have leverage. I have the grandkids. She wants to see the grandkids. She better be rooting for her son."

Mrs. Dodge will wear a Southlake Carroll hat and Austin Westlake clothes but don't worry. She will see her grandkids. The entire family is headed to Horseshoe Bay for a belated Christmas celebration next week regardless of the outcome.

Todd and Riley Dodge
Todd and Riley Dodge from years ago (credit: Riley Dodge)

Todd said, "If my son's team has more points when it's all said and done, I will be ecstatic for my son."

Is the feeling mutual?

Riley said, "At the end of the day. I love him to death. But I also wanna beat him up pretty good."

The "Dodge Bowl" will definitely be something to remember.



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