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Families Of Chinese College Prep Students In North Texas Tell Them Not To Come Home: 'The Whole City Has Been Shut Down'

ARGYLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Chinese students enrolled in Liberty Christian School's "International Student Program" have been told by their families it's not safe to come home.

Now, many of them are trying to do anything they can to help their loved ones.

In about three weeks, the students will host a fundraiser at the school.

"Their life has been ​impacted so greatly," senior Alex Lu said. "The whole city has been shut down." ​​

Alex Lu
Alex Lu (CBS 11)

Lu is from Wuhan where it's believed the coronavirus ​originated. Her parents, who ​are professors at a local university, ​have been told to not leave home. ​

Alex Lu and family
Alex Lu (middle) and family (courtesy: Alex Lu).

​"I feel worried and concerned ​for just people in general in ​my hometown because it's so far ​away from me and what I can ​see is the news and it's got me ​really concerned about what is happening," Lu said.

She and the other Chinese students started brainstorming ways to help. ​

"They identified that there's ​a shortage of medical supplies and they ​came to me because I'm their director and asked what can we do to raise some money?" ​International Student Program Director Dr. Michael Hogg said.

Soon they'll ​host a dodgeball tournament at ​the school and the proceeds will ​go towards purchasing medical supplies. ​

"Even the doctors ​and the nurses -- they're running short​ of those medical supplies and ​they're calling out to the whole ​community to help for that​ and I was like I need to ​do something for that," senior Joe Li said.

"What we can ​do is just be united and ​try our best to help," Lu said.

The tournament will take place ​Friday, March 20 at 4:30 p.m.

It is not open to the public, but the school is accepting donations.

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