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Expecting A Burglary, North Texas Police Officer Finds Mom In Labor

CARROLLTON (CBS 11 NEWS) - Along with 'protect and serve', a veteran Carrollton police officer added another duty this week:  midwife.

"When I first approached the house I had my gun out," recalled Officer Gene Kimpton. "It was an unknown emergency. I was expecting a burglary in progress or something like that."

Something was in progress, alright. "I get the door open, and she is in the process of giving birth!"

The officers' 18 years of training to take down bad guys proved no help here—so instinct kicked in. "I put gloves on and helped the baby out," said Officer Kimpton, who has two children of his own.  "Luckily a school resource officer got there and called paramedics and luckily they got there pretty quick."

By the time the 'calvary' arrived, the officer and crying Mom had managed to wrap the newborn boy in a towel to keep him warm. "It was not what I was expecting in the least bit; but, it was an incredible experience helping a new life into this world."

Officer Kimpton says the Mom didn't panic, but she was definitely surprised by the birth. "She indicated to one of the paramedics that she didn't realize that she was pregnant… at all," he said.

That's right, the birth even surprised the parents.  "Mom had gone to the hospital previous to this and there wasn't any indication about her being pregnant," Officer Kimpton said, adding, "I wasn't expecting to deliver a baby that day, mom and dad apparently weren't expecting to be new parents that day, either. It took everybody by surprise."

Mom and baby were taken to Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton following the delivery. The new mom declined to be interviewed; but, family members told CBS 11 News that she and her tiny, tremendous surprise are doing well.

"It was one of the best calls I've ever been on," reflects Officer Kimpton, "bringing a new life into the world:  it's probably going to be a one-time deal."

He can only hope.

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