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Evacuation Order Lifted After Gas Leak In Northwest Dallas

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The evacuation orders issued last night in the Northwest Dallas neighborhood plagued by gas leaks, were lifted Thursday afternoon.

Several dozen homes and apartments were part of a mandatory evacuation after people noticed a gas smell.

But while residents can return home, many say they won't yet since gas won't be restored for at least three days.

Atmos Energy crew in Northwest Dallas
Atmos Energy crew in Northwest Dallas (Brooke Rogers - CBS11)

Atmos Energy crews are doing significant repairs, replacing the gas main and meters in the alley along Linda Drive and Nogales Drive.

Residents in 25 homes and 18 apartment units had about 20 minutes to grab their belongings and get out last night.

They were able to get a free hotel room and a voucher for food.

This area is just blocks from where 12-year-old Linda Rogers died in February after her house exploded during an apparent gas leak.

"Now that they said it's safe to come home, yes but no. It's like that 50-50. They say it's safe to come home, but I still see them here, working and everything," said resident Paulina Segovia. "Hopefully it is... You tell us to come home, but then we don't have any gas. How are we going to shower, cook or whatever. Still an issue."

"I get emotional because it could have been us. It could have been," said Wendy Hernandez referring to the deadly explosion a month ago.

 Hernandez has a 12-year-old daughter, too.

They've stopped using the gas-run heater, using electric ones instead.

In her house, the stove and water heater also run on gas.

Her worst fear: "An explosion. Just all of the sudden, even getting in the's gas," she said. "Sometimes we hear it when it turns on. It's loud, so we are like what was that?!"

 She wasn't affected when Atmos cut service to some 3,000 people, citing safety.

 Another resident who wasn't affected says Atmos responded quickly when she called them to check her house to make sure it's safe.

 "It makes us feel pretty nervous," said Ana Roman "That's why I had to call them, like can you guys please come out and check? Just so we can feel safer at least

 Atmos didn't respond to our request for comment, but in the past has advised residents concerned about gas leaks to leave the house and call them or 911 immediately.

Meantime, Atmos says as long as residents are without gas, they will receive financial assistance.

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