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Entire SMU Student Section Cleared Out During Football Game For Not Following COVID-19 Guidelines

NOTE: The video above is from a report on Monday, Sept. 28.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The entire SMU student section was cleared out during Saturday's game against Memphis due to some not wearing masks or social distancing, the school said.

In a statement, the SMU athletics department said some of the students failed to follow the safety guidelines in place due to COVID-19 and that staff and security tried numerous times to get them to comply.

"During the game, some students began to gather and disregard these safety measures. They were asked to spread out and mask when in close contact. After numerous attempts by staff and security to get the students to comply with these safety requirements, it became necessary to clear the area," the statement read.

The school said many of those students left the game, while some moved to other areas of the stadium.

Reminders of the safety guidelines were sent out during the week and staffing was increased in the student section to monitor compliance, the school said.

"While no one at SMU wants to see fans leave, it is important to preserve our privilege to host games with fans in attendance during a pandemic. The health, safety and wellbeing of our fans and students is our highest priority and we must enforce safety requirements to the greatest extent possible and to operate as we have promised local officials. Our hope is that students will be able to return for our next home game and we will continue to work toward that goal," the statement read.

The Mustangs beat No. 25 Memphis on Saturday 30-27.

During last Saturday's home game, many fans in attendance at SMU's Ford Stadium, which had a 25% limited capacity, were seen not wearing masks or social distancing.

This led the school saying it would look to correct the behavior of attendees in order to follow the guidelines.

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