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Enjoy Noodles Without Calorie & Carb Guilt

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - If you're a red-blooded American, every so often you crave carbohydrates. The problem is they appear to be the foods more likely to sabotage your diet between the sugars, starches and inferred added inches to your waistline.

Imagine a world where calories don't count and pasta is actually good for you!

That fantasy land would be Japan, and that magical noodle would be Shirataki. Thankfully, you don't have to travel to Japan to experience a food that has been known for centuries as a healthy pasta.

Made from yam flour, essentially the only ingredient in these ramen-like noodles is dietary fiber. But your body is fooled. As you whirl the angel hair strands around the tines of your fork, it looks like spaghetti or vermicelli served in a Thai or Vietnamese dish.

While many U.S. stores are just beginning to make Shirataki available en masse, the product first hit our shores in 2011. Now, you can order the guilt-free pasta online from websites like, which produces not only an angel hair version but spinach fettuccini, macaroni and risotto -- or what they call 'Skinny Rice.'

There are major grocery chains that carry Shirataki like Kroger and Central Market. However, many of these brands add tofu to the noodles. This will add about 20 calories and .5 grams of fat. Good to know if you're avoiding soy.

But both tofu and traditional versions are gluten-free and are a welcome change to our plates.

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