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Elderly Widow Gets A New Roof Thanks To Donation

FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) - A month after a storm damaged her roof late in 2012, 87-year-old Louise of Fort Worth received a call from a company offering to help her for a price.

"They came out here and set and talked to me about it," Louise said. "And they told me they'd deal with the insurance company and I wouldn't be out no money, and I wouldn't be bothered in any way."

Left in financial straits by medical bills for her now dead husband, Louise has been struggling with her own medical problems. With little else to offer the self-proclaimed roofers, Louise signed over the $2,500 insurance check as a down payment. She said her deceased husband was a contractor and would routinely take money up front for a job and then the remainder when the job was complete.

"Well, I never did see them anymore," Louise said.

Louise worried herself sick over the lost money for months. Finally, she had to tell someone about it.

"And then my little girl from Meals on Wheels came by and I told her about it," Louise said.

"And as soon as her case worker found out what the problem was, she jumped right into action as they often do," said Denise Harris, spokesperson for Tarrant County Meals on Wheels.

They contacted a roofer's association.

"When it came to me I said, 'I'm going to do anything and everything I can do to try to help this lady,'" said Christoper Crutcher of Outback Roofing.

Wednesday afternoon, the sharp sound of nail guns echoed around Louise's house as Outback Roofing crews completely rebuilt Louise's roof.

Months after the storm did its damage and her insurance check disappeared, Louise will finally have an intact roof over her head and piece of mind.

"I tell you what!" Louise exclaimed when asked if she was glad Meals on Wheels and Crutcher had stepped in to help. "You don't know how glad I was! I've been just sick, just SICK over this."

"It makes you break down inside and thank god for everything you do have because this lady for three months couldn't sleep, she couldn't rest, her mental state was going down, she was very stressed," Crutcher said. "I'm glad we're able to help her."

"Louise, at 87 years young, deserves a quality life." Harris said. "She deserves a roof over her head!"

"I'm just so grateful they put me in touch with him," Louise said. "I don't know what I would have done. I would have been up salt creek without a paddle!"

Crutcher has hired an attorney to investigate the company that took Louise's insurance check in hopes of getting the money back.

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