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North Texas anesthesiologist charged in connection with co-worker's death

North Texas anaesthesiologist charged in connection with co-workers death
North Texas anaesthesiologist charged in connection with co-workers death 02:34

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - John Kaspar watched his wife of 30 years suffer a heart attack at home in June. 

They were both ill and Dr. Melanie Kaspar was treating her dehydration with an IV bag she grabbed from the surgery center where she worked as an anesthesiologist. 

"I grappled with the fact that she'd had a heart attack because she was a very healthy woman, could sit on her bicycle trainer for hours and not have any issues," John said.

It was two months later he learned her death wasn't natural. 

"It's just been a difficult… difficult summer and this new information stirs up all the emotions," John said.

Kaspar was in the courtroom for Dr. Ray Ortiz's first appearance. 

It was his first time seeing the man, accused by the U.S. Attorney's office of tampering with IV bags at the surgery center where Dr. Kaspar worked. 

A criminal complaint alleges he was upset after learning he was under investigation because a patient under his care had stopped breathing during a routine procedure.

"Whether it's revenge or whether he's trying to cover up his own inabilities, it's hard to even comprehend that somebody could do things like this," John said.

Ortiz - who lives in a $1.3 million home in Murphy - requested a court appointed public defender, claiming he's unable to afford an attorney. 

After reviewing his financial record, the judge granted his request.

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