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Dozens Of Neglected Pets Rescued From North Texas Home, Headed Out Of State To Be Adopted

NORTH TEXAS (CBDSFW.COM) - Eighty-nine neglected animals seized from a North Texas home in late May are about to have a shot at a new and better life elsewhere.

Volunteers from the DFW-based animal protection group, Animal Investigation and Response have spent recent weeks working to socialize the dogs and get the ready to travel, as the organization is about to send the rescued pets to rescue groups in three northern states: Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Dog and rescue volunteer
Dog and rescue volunteer (courtesy: Animal Investigation and Response)

The animals were seized after local authorities determined their living conditions were unacceptable.

"I've seen a lot of bad situations before," said Monica Ailey, AIR's President and a certified Animal Cruelty Investigator. "But these animals were living in possibly one of the worst conditions I've ever witnessed in my 14 year career."

AIR responders took the animals from the home, which had ammonia levels so high that responders had to wear hazmat suits and respirators

Many of the dogs had vision impairments, according to AIR's veterinary team.

Dog and rescue volunteer
Dog and rescue volunteer (courtesy: Animal Investigation and Response)

"These animals have come a long way in the past couple of weeks. They are learning to trust our volunteers and are taking positive steps forward everyday," said Kim Melocon, AIR Emergency Shelter Director.

The pets are set to head north on Friday, June 28, by way of a school bus renovated just for animals, so they can be adopted out of state.

Unlike Texas shelters, the shelters in many northern states do not face the same overcrowding issues as those in Texas, and rescue groups are better able to devote time to dogs with special needs.

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