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Dose Of Doug: Thankful Year-Round

Here we are, the time of year when we all take time to give "thanks."

Well, I'm just going to come out and say how I feel each and every year when we get here. Why does it have to come down to a holiday to give "thanks?"

For some of you, it doesn't. Me neither.

In the middle of July, when I roll out of bed in the morning, I'm thankful for the air conditioning we were able to keep on during the night.

In February, thankful that the usual mild North Texas winter is giving way to warmer temperatures and a chance to go outside.

Each and every day, I'm thankful for a life of relative good health for myself, and my family.

Every day I get to spend with my children, laughing, playing, and having fun, or learning even hard lessons, I'm thankful.

Each day of the year, I'm thankful for Vets, like my dad, who serve this country willingly, for little pay versus what they do.

I'm thankful in December for the joy of Santa Claus.

In September, I'm actually thankful for that darned Texas heat. The kind that makes us so appreciate the November's like the one we're having now.

I'm thankful in August, when talented teachers welcome my kids back to school.

I'm thankful for each conversation I get to have with my mom. 80 years strong.

I'm thankful every weekend, that I can watch my kids play sports, no matter how crazy the schedule gets.

I'm thankful every day for in-laws, so unlike all the in-law jokes you hear.

And I'm so thankful for viewers like you, who take the time to watch us, engage us, and share good times and bad with us.

Thankful, 365 days a year.

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