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Dog That Survived Heroin Ingestion Has A New Home

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CARROLLTON (KRLD 1080) - A Carrollton dog that barely survived ingesting heroin, has a new home.

According to Kristin Weisell of KRLD, the pup was adopted by a family with a 5-year-old girl, so he'll have someone to play with.

Debbie Hutchins, the animal control officer that rescued Lucky, said a man came in and gave a lottery ticket to the girl's family.

"The gentleman came in and took a ticket and then he saw the family of this little 5-year-old and said, 'I can't do that, I'm giving it to her.'"

Hutchins also says that Lucky is doing much better now.

"I was the officer who rushed him to the vet, and I have to say the difference between what he was then and what he is now is a total 180."

The Chihuahua mix was found in a car near death after getting into the stash while his owners were in a Home Depot trying to steal items.

He was taken to the vet and after days of treatment and care, he was back to full strength.

Lucky the puppy
Lucky the puppy recovering from overdose of owner's heroin stash (Carrollton Animal Services)

Carl Shooter, the manager at Carrollton Animal Services, said last week that they would hold a lottery today (March 8) for the chance to adopt Lucky.

"We have had a tremendous response to Lucky's story. If you include email, social media and phone calls, we have received about 100 folks contact us about Lucky. From as far east as New Hampshire all the way to California."

Lucky's owners are in jail facing numerous drug and fraud charges.

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