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DISD Superintendent Teaches Principals

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Dallas Public Schools Superintendent Mike Miles has worn a variety of career hats over the years. His resume includes the titles Army Ranger and U.S. Diplomat.  But Miles was also a public school teacher and former principal.  His life in education was primarily in the state of Colorado.

Now, that he has taken the leadership reins in Dallas, Miles has decided to head back to the classroom.  But this time, his students are adult educators.

"So, if you think of your staff, from one-to-ten, where are they?" Miles asked a trio of Dallas principals.

Miles is challenging the school leaders to enhance and improve daily student instruction.

The Superintendent is the lead teacher in the Principals Summer Training Program.  220 Dallas ISD principals are attending a week long series of workshops, primarily led by Miles himself.

"As Superintendent, I have to set the tone, set the example",  Miles explained.

He oversees and directs virtually every training session.  Miles' mantra includes three areas of focus for principals and teachers:  raise Instruction, create a positive school climate, and raise student achievement.

The path toward achieving those three goals includes demanding more academic leadership from school principals.  And if anyone has any questions, Miles is the top teacher in the workshop with the answers.

"We're going to see improvement in the quality of instruction this year.  I say it takes five years to create a miracle, but we only have one year to show we can do it," Miles said.

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