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Discover DFW: Reby Cary Youth Library

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - The Reby Cary Youth Library in Fort Worth is not your traditional library. It's a library specifically designed and developed for kids to enjoy.

Javier Rodriguez is the library's branch manager and says when families visit for the first time, they are blown away by what the library offers.

"It's a welcoming, fun, and exciting place that is totally different," Rodriguez says. "There's no building like this in the Fort Worth area."

Everything in the library is geared towards kids, from toddlers to teens, with the goal of inspiring them to fall in love with learning.

"They come to the library and they read a book, but at the same time, they make new connections because they meet new friends," Rodriguez describes. "They start developing social interactions and skill development and that is amazing."

The library encourages kids to browse through the thousands of books on their shelves by pretending they are on a scavenger hunt. The library staff has placed nine hidden interactive buttons throughout the library's shelves for kids to find as they search for the perfect book.

When pressed, the buttons cause the artwork on the ceiling of the library to illuminate in a variety of colors.

And when that excitement is paired with specific programming like age-specific story times and even organized playtime, Rodriguez says it is a recipe for success.

"It's a fun place where kids want to come, they don't want to leave, but at the same time they are catered with programming so they can develop skills that will help them achieve future goals," Rodriguez says.

It may be a City of Fort Worth library, but its uniqueness is attracting visitors from all around.

"People just are super excited to experience it! Rodriguez says. "So they don't care driving one hour, half an hour , or 40 minutes to just come and visit our place."

As for the library's namesake?

"Mr. Reby Cary was a trailblazer in this community and in this area, he was very well known, and an educator himself," Rodriguez describes. "And knowing that this library is going to focus so much on education, why not continue his legacy."

Non-resident adults and children can purchase library cards. The library has a list of options on its website.

The Reby Cary Youth Library is located at 3851 East Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76103.

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