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DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Morgan At Galleria Dallas

"I'm a Texas girl. I can't drive in the snow."

The Ride
The Driver: Morgan
Car in Question: Electric Blue 2008 Honda Fit Sport
Spotted at: Galleria Dallas, 3350 Dallas Parkway Dallas, TX 75240
Odometer: 30,000


Q: Hi Morgan! Thank you for participating in Defend your Ride. Let's start with the basics. Where did you get this awesome blue car?

A: I got it at Honda of McKinney. Me and my dad went to go find a car for my 20th birthday as a gift. All of the local dealers didn't have the one I wanted in stock. My dad wanted to get it that day. We drove all the way up there to get it for me.

Q: What do you like about this car?

A: The gas mileage for it was good. It gets 32, but the way I drive, it can get 37 sometimes. I adore the hatchback on it. It's just adorable. It's really noticeable against other cars. It doesn't blend in with the other hatchbacks that are out there. My dad gave me a strict price limit. It was the best they had in that price range for its class. It has more space than most cars I know. It can give a pickup truck a run for its money, if you don't count putting furniture above the truck.

Q: So you've done a lot of moving with this?

A: Yes, I've moved three time with this as well as multiple friends. It's really fun when I'm moving because people are like, oh, you'll never be able to fit that in there. I'm like, really? Because there is a dresser, a mini fridge, a computer chair and three boxes in here and I still have room.

Q: What are you doing up here by the Galleria today?

A: I was taking a break from work, just trying to stretch my legs, walk around. I didn't want to go back over near my house, wanted to see a new area. It's rather close, but I haven't been up here because I have a new job, which gives me a shorter commute. My favorite cookie place happens to be nearby, so I figured I'd get all my friends some cookies and treat them to a nice little meal.

Q: I noticed you have a lot of hats in your car, what's that all about?

A: One of my friends decorates them for fun, pirate hats, top hats, for random occasions. She'll add 1,000 items that you never would have thought could go on a hat. I got these hats that I need to take up to her to get made into beautiful captain hats. We had crazy hat day at work the other day.

Q: Fun! Do you have any rules in your car? Maybe no wearing big hats in the backseat?

A: Don't do anything that will stain it! I don't usually mind people having some food in there as long as it's not messy. I don't mind picking up crumbs, but I don't want to be cleaning up taco stains.

Q: Tacos!? Do you eat a lot of tacos in there?

A: No, but I've had a lot of people try. My worst time was I forgot that sparking grape juice explodes if you shake it. That was an entertaining time!

Photos and interview by Isabel Morales

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