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Dallas Announces Task Force To Find Compromise On Deep Ellum Noise Complaints

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Local businesses in Deep Ellum say music is their claim to fame.

That's why a recent crackdown on noise has raised some tension for bar owners.

"It's an entertainment district," said Allen Falkner, manager of The Nines. "You want to hear music when you walk around."

A new task force has been formed in the City of Dallas to help find Deep Ellum a neighborhood specific solution to noise as the district continues to grow.

It comes as some local businesses have expressed they've been negatively impacted by the way the city has been recently enforcing noise concerns.

Until recently, the Dallas Police Department handled noise complaints.

But as of April, the department formed a team with code compliance to help assist them.

"This is something we thought code could do to help out, as far as doing some sort of outreach and enforcement," said Carl Simpson, from Dallas' Code Compliance.

Since the change, code compliance has visited over 1,000 businesses around Dallas to offer flyers and discuss the code.

They say the biggest change is that they're enforcing section 30-1 in the city's ordinance more seriously.

It says that "a person commits an offense if he makes or causes to be made any loud or disturbing noise or vibration in the City that is offensive to the ordinary sensibilities of the inhabitants of the city."

But businesses say, the rules that work for the rest of Dallas, don't necessarily work for Deep Ellum.

"If there's ever a problem with noise, it's usually pretty minor. And now, code compliance is standing outside of buildings and saying 'well I can hear sound from the outside.' That doesn't even make sense," Falkner said.

So far code compliance has given out 9 noise citations in Deep Ellum since April.

We asked DPD how many they've given out, and did not hear back.

"We aren't asking to be an exception, we're asking for a compromise," said bartender Jessica Brodsky.

She started a petition with frustration for the way it's been enforced. So far it has over 3,000 signatures.

The new task force that will take a look at all of these issues and work with local bars and residents is being overseen by District 2 councilman Jesse Moreno.

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