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City Of Dallas Answers Questions About Future Of Confederate Statue

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The City of Dallas released responses Tuesday night to questions asked about plans for removal of the Confederate statue in Lee Park:

What is the City's timeline?

We are currently searching for a company that has a crane available for this type of job and is willing to do it.

How has removal been impacted by Sunday night's fatal accident that damaged the crane? How badly was the crane damaged? Can it be repaired?

The crane was extensively damaged and will not be available for this job.

Robert E. Lee statue removal
Robert E. Lee statue removal (CBS11)

DMN quoted Mr. Broadnax saying that part of the delay in securing a crane is that the crane companies are getting threatening calls and messages on social media to stay away from taking the job. Can you confirm?

We have heard anecdotally about those kinds of threats directed at the crane rental, owner and rigging businesses. This is unfortunate and makes the job of removing the statue that much harder.

How much more will it cost to remove the statue, in light of all that has now happened?

Estimated cost to remove the statue has not changed; it's still expected to be in the $400,000 to $450,000 range. There may be some additional costs because of delays due to unforeseen circumstances and having to stop work due to filing of the temporary injunction.

Are there any threats, or is the security just a precaution?

As a precaution, Dallas Police Department will continue to have officers stationed at the park to maintain security until the statue is removed. They will also provide added security during the removal.

How were the contractors chosen for the removal of the statue? Was there a bid process? Was there a contract in place? What was the name of the company? Did any of the contractor's previously work for the City?

Based on the resolution approved by Council on Sept. 6, this is being handled as an emergency. As such, contract documents will be presented to Council for ratification at the conclusion of the project.

Has the City of Dallas and/or the Dallas City Manager been contacted by the General Services Administration or the Inspector General about the Robert E Lee Statue and the base supporting it and its connection between the Federal WPA /GSA, City of Dallas, and the Dallas Southern Memorial Association? Does the City of Dallas recognize the base of the statue as a sculpture? Does the City believe that this could possibly be a WPA/GSA protected work of art? Will the City allow the GSA Inspector General to investigate before removing the Robert E. Lee Statue/Base?

The City was contacted by the GSA and we are researching our records to help guide the decision-making process. The City (Parks and Public Art Departments) have found additional paperwork specifying the grant from the WPA that paid in part for the base of the Robert E. Lee statue. We do not consider it a separate work and will be sharing this information with GSA as we update our records mutually.

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