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Dallas Police To Make Case For Tougher Street Racing Laws At Public Safety Meeting

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - In an effort to crack down on the growing problem of street racing in Dallas, police will make the case Monday afternoon to the city council for tougher laws.

Dallas police say they're having to divert officers from other divisions to handle racing and speeding calls. It's a deadly problem on roads in this city – and they're now asking the council for help.

In 2019, the Dallas Police Department's Patrol Speed Task Force issued 23,000 citations, 9,000 speeding tickets, made 400 arrests and towed 1,400 vehicles tied to street racing incidents.

Dallas police say these street racing events – particularly in the southern sector – draw hundreds of spectators.

They can be dangerous, ending in crashes, property damage and, in some instances, death.

While there are several laws that police use to enforce street racing, the department says there is no law in Dallas to address the number of spectators street racing attracts.

DPD is proposing the City of Dallas make it an offense to be at a street race to watch or record the event, whether it's on public or private property open to the public.

Police want passengers in racing vehicles held accountable. They also want the ability to impound vehicles used for street racing.

DPD will make this presentation to the members of the Public Safety Committee and the regularly scheduled committee meeting at 1 p.m. Monday.

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