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Dallas Police Recover What Could Be The Weapon Used To Kill 4-Year-Old Cash Gernon

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Troubling new details continue to emerge about the murder of a 4-year-old Dallas boy over the weekend.

Not only about the crime, but also the home life of Cash Gernon.

Cash Gernon
Cash Gernon

A memorial continues to grow in the middle of a Southwest Dallas neighborhood where a jogger discovered Gernon's body Saturday morning, May 15.

Dallas Police homicide detectives are putting together their case against an 18-year-old man, which may include a possible murder weapon according to court documents obtained Monday night by CBS 11 News.

Dallas Police say 18-year-old Darriynn Brown is the prime suspect.

He has already been charged with kidnapping and burglary at the home eight blocks away on Florina Parkway where the child was sleeping.

That's where detectives located "...a tissue paper in a bathroom that had blood drops on it. A small pocket knife was also located and seized."

The teenage suspect's mother told CBS 11's Robbie Owens over the phone that her son has some mental health issues, but not capable of such a violent act.

"I think that 4-year-old boy was killed at them people's home and I believe someone had transportation, like a car or truck, and transported his body to the body site," she said.

But neighbors say the teenage suspect was known for causing trouble.

"This guy here is on NextDoor where he's busted into cars, ring doorbells, he threatened other people's lives," said neighbor Joe Bubel. "People are asking, why didn't the police pursue that? That's just his side of the story. I don't know the other side of the story."

Authorities have revealed that the little boy was living, along with a sibling at the home of an acquaintance of his father, who still hasn't been located.

Meanwhile, Cash's mother reportedly was unaware of her son's whereabouts for the last two months until police informed her that he was murdered.

CBS 11 has learned a victim's sibling has been reunited with his mother.

Sources say the suspect and the family the child was living with knew each other.

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