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Dallas Police Investigate Rash Of Restaurant Burglaries

restaurant burglary
restaurant burglary (surveillance)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Dallas Police are investigating a rash of burglaries at several local restaurants after owners reported similar descriptions and crimes to detectives.

Police believe at least three are of the burglaries are related but feel several other recent burglaries could be as well.

Ivan Pugh, owner of Bucky Moonshine's Southern Eats, said he first though his restaurant was the only shop to be burglarized by the group of men this week.

The owner at Bucky Moonshine's at first thought his was the only shop burglarized this week.

Ivan Pugh
Ivan Pugh - Bucky's Moonshine in Deep Ellum (Jeff Paul - CBS11)

His security camera footage showed several men breaking the glass door, covering the faces and walking straight to the area where the safe is kept.

Pugh also noticed several distinctive tattoos on the burglars.

"It's a violation," said Pugh. "There's no more feeling of anger that you could have."

Pugh said the group broke in the early morning hours, cracked open his safe, stole top-shelf liquor and even smashed a charity candy dispenser and grabbed handfuls of candy.

"It's been far too easy and we've made it easy," said Pugh. "I feel like I need to sit on my front porch with a shotgun."

While the thieves got away with some money, Pugh said the damage to his business far outweighs what was stolen. He is facing an $8,000 repair bill.

"You want to climb through the screen and strangle them," said Pugh.

Across town in Lower Greenville, a similar crime was reported at San Francisco Rose.

"They busted in the front door with a chair and it seemed like they knew right where to go," said Obie Stringer, manager at San Francisco Rose.

Stringer believes the same team broke into his bar.

Dallas Police are also investigating similar crimes at Fuzzy's Tacos on Elm Street and Dot's Hop House on Commerce Street.

Managers at the Free Man Café on Commerce Street and managers at The Boulevardier in Oak Cliff think they were hit too, by the same group.

"I think this guy is getting cocky and bold," said Stringer.

The restaurants are hoping the bold attitude and action by the burglars eventually puts an end to the crimes.

"We've got your picture, we've got your tattoos, we've got your height, build, fingerprints…we're going to get you," said Pugh.

Dallas Police said officers have not been able to identify the men in the videos yet, but have several leads.

Investigators said it is still possible there are even more victims out there that could be connected.

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