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Dallas Man Attacked By Pack Of Pit Bulls

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A 63-year-old Dallas man was attacked by a pack of pit bulls on the street Sunday, leaving the man badly wounded and recovering in a local hospital.

Lewis Hart says he was walking to the store near Green and Harwood near his home when he suddenly found himself in a fight for his life against four pit bulls.

"I tell you what, I had to stick my hand in one of the dog's mouths and I was just holding his teeth just trying to hold him off," recalled Hart from the hospital. "I couldn't hold them all off."

Hart was eventually able to fight them off with help from some Good Samaritans, who were parked at a nearby church.

"Thank God there were some people over at the church, and there was a lady that pulled up right next store to where the church people park at," said Hart. "And she came over there with a stick and then some more people came over."

But Hart wasn't always sure he would make it out of the attack. In fact, a man at the scene had to pick him up and drag him away from the scene once the dogs were turned away.

"When I started hollering, the people didn't look like they were coming," said Hart. "Like I said, I didn't think I was going to be here. I thought I was dead."

Hart received bites to his forehead, right eye, both hands and arms, along with his feet. The attack will likely require a lengthy hospital stay as he recovers from his injuries.

"I can't walk on either foot," said Hart. "One of my arms...I can't do nothing with it."

He remembers having seen the dogs before, at least two of them confined with chains in a nearby yard. But he never entered the property where he believes the animals live.

Authorities with Dallas Animals Services are investigating the incident and trying to identify the origin of the dogs.

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