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Dallas Hotel Worker With Down Syndrome Inspires Fellow Employees

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - For 25 years, Jerry Rosamond has shown up for work at the Hyatt Regency Dallas with a smile, every single day. Having Down syndrome does not hold Rosamond back; rather, it propels his co-workers forward. "I think number one is his work ethic," said event planning manager Brian Ruby.

Ruby said that Rosamond was one of the first people he met at the hotel when he started there 12 years ago.

Rosamond's Hyatt tenure is about twice as long -- he found a job at the hotel 25 years ago, right after graduation from the Notre Dame School of Dallas. He is known as Mr. President at the hotel, for his leadership and his patriotism.

Jerry Rosamond
(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Rosamond works in the stewarding department. Stewards are a team of employees who handle tough support jobs, from waste disposal to dish washing. "Is it hard work? Yes, ma'am, hard work," Rosamond said. But he is always on time, and always willing to greet guests and his fellow co-workers with a wave and a smile.

"He models what we all want to be: happy and excited to come to work," Ruby said.

On his 25th anniversary in July, the Hyatt threw Rosamond a surprise party with cake, and an award for one of the hotel's longest-serving employees. His family attended, too. "We're very proud of him," said Rosamond's mother. The party was a thank you to Rosamond.

The steward inspires others to never take work for granted. "He makes me more humble," Ruby added. "He gives it his all every day, and makes me question, 'Am I working as hard as Jerry today? That's the magic of Jerry."

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