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Dallas Cowboys Trade Talk, On Three Levels

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IRVING (105.3 THE FAN) - Dallas Cowboys trade talk, on three levels

Level 1: The Trade They Shouldn't Do: Giving Away Ron Leary.

I know he wants to start and I even can acknowledge he " deserves'' to, in a sense. But this is a valued NFL player who might only net Dallas a late-round pick in trade … so even as he stays away from Valley Ranch in protest, there is greater value in keeping him than in satisfying him.

Level 2: The Trade They Should Do: Swapping The Excess Running Back

Darren McFadden was back at work on Thursday after missing the previous day due to a family matter, so he was back to getting the first-team snaps that will inevitably go to rookie sensation Ezekiel Elliott. Meanwhile, Lance Dunbar is working through rehab and veteran signee Alfred Morris was saying lovely things about the front office having not dumped one of the vets post-Zeke.

But just because that hasn't happened doesn't mean it won't.

By the time we get to training camp in Oxnard, assuming everyone is healthy, McFadden figures as the odd-man out, a good player and a good soldier on the last year of a cheap contract — and a legit trade candidate.

Level 3: The Trade They Haven't Done: Acquiring QB Mike Glennon.

The Cowboys aren't as settled on Kellen Moore as their No. 2 guy behind Tony Romo as their quotes in the newspapers suggest. Moore is ahead of kids Prescott and Showers, but there might be competition from somebody, at some point, from a QB not presently on the roster.

But the reports that Dallas has already put on the table a trade-in-waiting for Tampa QB Mike Glennon are false. These reports — so specific they even include the claim that Dallas has agreed to sacrifice two third-round picks in a trade — are denied to me by two of Valley Ranch's most powerful sources.

Again, that doesn't mean Glennon is a poor player, or that Moore is locked in, or that the Cowboys won't keep searching here. But there is no "done deal'' on any of these three levels, and be reminded: Trades on Twitter happened almost infinitely more often than they happen in NFL real life.

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