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Dallas Cowboys' Isaac Alarcon breaks barriers for international football players

Dallas Cowboys' Isaac Alarcon breaks barriers for international football players
Dallas Cowboys' Isaac Alarcon breaks barriers for international football players 02:55

FRISCO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - If you look closely at the Dallas Cowboys during practice, you might find the back of one players helmet is unlike all the rest.

That's because Isaac Alarcon, an offensive tackle on the practice squad, makes sure to represent his country with a Mexican flag sticker every time he puts the helmet and pads on.

Alarcon is the only Mexican born, Mexican raised player on the team.

He gained wide popularity after being featured in last season's HBO hit show Hard Knocks, documenting the Cowboys during training camp.

Alarcon and his back story was told on the show, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

CBS 11 recently sat down with him ahead of Hispanic Heritage Month to chat a little bit more about his heritage, and what it means to be one of the few Latinos in the entire league playing the game.

When asked about celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Alarcon said, "It's something new for me, because in Mexico we don't celebrate this, but it's nice having the support of my people. Mexican-Americans or Mexicans who live here, you know, or people from South America."

Alarcon said that even though he didn't make the 53 man roster, he is happy to be playing on the practice squad and he hopes his big break will come soon.

Alarcon was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico and was scouted to play for the Cowboys through the NFL's International Player Pathway Program.

Looking back on his three years in the league and with the Dallas Cowboys so far, Alarcon said, "It gives me hope to keep trying. To keep practicing. It's not easy but thank god I'm still in this building."

The offensive tackle says it isn't lost on him that he is breaking many barriers for international football players, especially for those scouted out of Mexico.

He says that kind of attention also comes with a lot of pride and responsibility.

He added, "I am just trying to put the name of Mexico as high as I can. If I can behave a certain way that brings pride to my country I always try to do that. So, I am always asking God for wisdom."

As for all of those that have rooted for him along the way and continue to do so, he said, "I would say thank you for all of the support. Thank you for the hugs from all those who always have a word to share with me. To the kids who dream in being here…work hard and trust in God, and you'll be here or even further.'"

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