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Some Dallas Apartment Residents Forced To Buy Their Own Air Conditioning Units

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Some people living at a Dallas apartment complex say they are enduring the heat wave with little to no air conditioning. Residents were told by management to buy their own air conditioning window units, and they would be reimbursed -- for half the cost.

Apartment resident Bryan Copeland is paying for a problem that isn't his fault.

"I just took out some money from savings to buy these window units so me and my friends can stay cool," said Copeland.

For nearly a month, people living at The Entro at Midtown say the air conditioning has been going in and out.

The Entro at Midtown
The Entro at Midtown apartment complex in Dallas (CBS11)

"Last night, before I left for work, it was working. I came home, and it was 95 degrees. Hot and humid," said Copeland.

Apartment management told residents to buy their own windows units and that they would be reimbursed for half the cost.

The heat has left Copeland feeling sick.

"I've had to call off work two times this month because I've just gotten sick from this heat in my own apartment. I've had to call out, and I've lost money. I'm a little upset by all of this," said Copeland.

Theresa Brewer echoes Copeland's frustration. "It doesn't really seem like they're trying to look out for us," she said.

Brewer said the heat is worsening her lupus.

"I have to have no stress. And this is stressing me out. I can barely sleep at night. My lupus causes asthma problems. I can't understand it," said Brewer.

There appeared to be air conditioning parts and a "chiller" on a truck at the apartment complex, but no work was seen being done.

"They bought about 5,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) unites. People can install them, or maintenance will install them. They have a waiting list, so they are trying. I guess that's something. They're just a little late," said Copeland.

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