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Crowley Police Toss Tickets During Gas Shortage

CROWLEY (CBS11) - Police in Crowley are throwing out citations given to drivers waiting in line for gas during the run on fuel after Hurricane Harvey.

Police made the change after a driver reached out to CBS11 about what he thought was an unfair circumstance leading to the citation.

Police said they were contacting three drivers who received tickets August 31, outside a Chevron station at FM 1187 and South Crowley Rd., to tell them the tickets will be thrown out. Two more drivers received warnings.

The traffic code cited for obstructing traffic wasn't technically correct, police said, while also telling CBS11 the situation could have been handled in a different manner.

A driver who spoke on condition his name not be used for employment reasons, said he noticed the Crowley police officer as pulled in behind other cars that night waiting for gas.

"I saw a police officer standing there, but I assumed he was just sorta there to make sure no fights broke out," he said.

Instead, he said the officer walked up to his window, asked him for his license and gave him a ticket for obstructing traffic.

"I had no option to go anywhere," he said. "If I cross a solid line I'm breaking another law."

After learning about the tickets from CBS11 Wednesday, police said they took a closer look at the citations. They said the officer that night attempted to write a ticket for a less serious charge, but the code used by the officers ticket writing machine wasn't applicable in that particular situation.

"That speaks more volume than anything else," said the driver who was told today his ticket would be overturned. He was taking an online defensive driving course to minimize impact on his driving record when police called him with the news.

"They admit they did the wrong thing and they're making it right. I have tremendous respect for that."

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