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Crews Locate Man's Body In Lake Ray Hubbard

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - First responders searched Lake Ray Hubbard on Sunday for a person who disappeared in the water, and found the 28-year-old man's body early in the evening. A group of friends were jumping off of a railroad bridge and swimming in the area around it. But, at some point during their afternoon, the man went under and did not come back up.

Dallas Fire-Rescue used two boats with sonar capabilities, and a third boat also assisted in the search. The missing man's body was recovered in the same area where he was last seen, as friends and family members waited on the shoreline. His loved ones identified him as Sreyas Antony. He was in town for the weekend from Michigan.

Sreyas Antony
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Officials said that lake visitors are not allowed to jump off of the railroad bridge because it is not safe. However, they have had problems like this before. One of the issues surrounding the bridge is that debris collects there under the water. People might not be able to see everything from the surface.

Vince Campanella lives near the bridge, and said that he often sees groups of people jumping from the bridge for fun. "There's so much structure and fishing line and stuff down there. I could see, easily, somebody jumping off and getting tangled in some old ankle rope or something like that," Campanella said.

Firefighters are not yet sure what happened in this instance.

Craig Weiss was kayaking with his son and a group of Boy Scouts when he saw the group swimming near the bridge. "As soon as we came around that curve right there, we saw a guy swimming," Craig Weiss stated. "Right about that time is when we saw his head go back down under."

The kayaker's son did not realize that the swimmer was in danger until others started calling for help. "When we kayaked over there, I saw the second one just bobbing his head up and down," said Kevin Weiss. "We just went over there because we were supposed to go under the bridge, and then they started calling for us."

Antony's friends said that he knew how to swim. But a woman with the group told Craig Weiss that she did not. "I took my life jacket off, gave it to her. I dive down trying to find him," the kayaker said. "The current kept pushing me and, of course, it's so murky under there, I couldn't see anything."

Craig Weiss gathered his Boy Scouts and reminded them about the dangers of the lake. "We went over a lot of different things, as far as why you have situations like this, that are real that come up," Craig Weiss added, "why we train them and teach them the proper ways of doing things."

While this was a teachable moment for the group of Boy Scouts, police kept people away from the trail that leads to the bridge. The drowning remains under investigation.

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