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CPS Granted Custody Of Toddler Mauled By Dogs

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - The North Texas child recently mauled by dogs will be turned over to the state once he's released from the hospital.

An investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) urges that the state take temporary managing conservatorship from the parents.

Chance Walker Junior was at his grandparent's house when four dogs attacked him. The 19-month-old child had serious injuries to his face was missing a "hunk of flesh" from his cheek and is still in danger of losing his left ear.

While investigating the dog attack officials with CPS discovered the child's parents, Patricia Denise and Chance Wayne Walker, both have a history of methamphetamine use.

In an affidavit filed February 1, an investigator detailed being told that one week before the attack Chance Jr. had been given over-the-counter medication after being scratched by the dogs that ultimately mauled him.

Patricia Walker also told the investigator that one year ago one of the dogs had "nipped a little neighbor girl in the face".

When asked about her drug use Patricia Walker claimed to have been clean for nearly a year and voluntarily gave an oral swab. The test showed the presence of methamphetamines and amphetamines.

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Both parents had told emergency responders that Chance Jr. slipped though a doggie-door while they were inside the house sleeping.

Chance Jr. underwent surgery at Cook Children's Medical Center to reattach his left ear, but doctors advised the parents he is still in danger of losing the ear. Doctors told CPS the 19-month-old would be very susceptible to infection upon release and would need to live in a "very clean environment."

The investigator did not feel those requirements could be met since she felt Chance Jr. would be "at significant risk of further abuse or neglect if left in the care of his mother and father", along with the fact his paternal grandmother, Lena Walker, was arrested and charged with assaulting a neighbor on the day of the dog attack. CPS also couldn't consider having the child live with his maternal grandmother since there had recently been an outbreak of scabies at her home.

CBS 11 News learned Tuesday that there had been eight 'dog-related' police calls made on animals at the address in the last year.

All of the dogs blamed for mauling have been euthanized.

Chance Walker Junior was released from Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth Thursday afternoon. The child is now in the care of a foster family.

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