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Coyote Attacks Small Dog In Frisco, Owner Fights It Off

FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) - A coyote attacked a small dog Saturday morning in Frisco, according to the owner.
Koji Brown was walking his yorkie, Buddy, Saturday around 8 a.m. on a trail by their home when a coyote latched onto the dog.
The attack happened in a neighborhood near Eldorado Parkway and Preston Road, where there has been at least four other coyote attacks on humans reported.
The attacks date back to late October.
Brown said he had a golf club with him on the walk that he used a protection because he was aware of the recent coyote attacks in the neighborhood.
"When I get about here is when I heard the yelp," said Brown, showing where he was on the trail when the attack happened.
He said he went after the coyote and said, "Get my dog out of your mouth," as it dropped Buddy trying to escape.
Surveillance video showed Buddy running back to Brown's house. Brown found him and get him safely inside.
It also showed just a few minutes later, a coyote jumps Brown's fence and appears to be sniffing the ground. The coyote leaves once he doesn't find anything, clearing a six foot fence.
"I was so thankful the day turned out the way that it did," said Brown.
Brown said more needs to be done to stop these attacks and recommends population control.
He said he believes these animals are hungry and need to be taken out of the neighborhood. He hopes the city and police put more resources towards doing that.
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