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Cowboys Super Fans Bonded Through Their Love Of America's Team

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - There are fans, and then there are super fans. Super fans wear their love for the Dallas Cowboys on their sleeve - and everywhere else for that matter.

Meet Mark Shenefield, also know as Tattoo Mark. He has 20 Cowboys tattoos, past and present. Mark got his first Cowboys tat in 1985, and hasn't stopped. He said, "This don't come off. You can change your costumes, but you can't change your tattoos. That's loyalty."

Asked what the biggest compliment he's gotten from a member of the Cowboys organization, Mark's answer was "Jerry Jones at training camp in Oxnard. He said he's never seen a walking billboard for the Dallas Cowboys like me."

No one has their back like Tattoo Mark. He said, "Along with all the other super fans, all I've got to say is 'let's go Cowboys.'"

And then there's super fan "Wreckin' Ball" Gregg Wilson, who wants to see his Cowboys destroy the 49ers "down like a wreckin' ball." He said, "Good thing is no one knows what I look like when I'm not wearing this. I must've taken 10,000-20,000 photos over the years. It's crazy."

"In some respects, sometimes the super fans are more recognizable and last longer than some of the players," Wilson said. He has hundreds of different helmets, all of which, as an aerospace engineer, he designs himself.

Wilson explained, "Each helmet is less than a pound and a half. I've worn them sometimes for 10 hours at a time. You get an awful tan line. It's like a reverse Batman."

It's a small sacrifice for a larger goal. Wilson admits, "We know anything can happen. The Super bowl is sitting there. It's a dream, like we must have it."

Hopefully the guys with the stripes don't stand in the Cowboys way, as some believe they have this season.

Wearing a referee helmet, Wilson pleads, "Referees, I don't care what you've heard. There's been a lot of players complaining. I want you to know from the Dallas Cowboys fan base we love you!"

Just as we love the idea of everyone getting on board this magical ride.


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