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Cowboys Incident, Hardy Vs Coleman: 'Volatile' Vs 'Goofy'

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IRVING (105.3 THE FAN) - Cowboys defensive lineman Greg Hardy is by reputation a volatile guy. Cowboys defensive lineman Devon Coleman is, by reputation a "goofy'' guy.

So it's not necessarily shocking that the two might conflict in a verbal confrontation on Friday as first reported by Fox Sports with confirmation from Coleman's agent, Michael Loeffler.

A source tells 105.3 The Fan that "it was an argument between two grown men during strength-and-conditioning … got salty … not uncommon.''

The dispute between Hardy (a new veteran) and Coleman (coming off his rookie season) was a result of Hardy's questioning Coleman's work ethic — and indeed, as 105.3 The Fan reported in February, that same question is why the Cowboys hesitated to re-up Coleman for this season.

It's also true that none of this is "uncommon,'' though Hardy — suspended for 10 games for a violation of the NFL conduct policy (and involvement with a domestic-abuse case) — has a spotlight on him.

And indeed, Yahoo is alleging that the argument escalated when Coleman called Hardy "a woman-beater.''

This was a verbal conflict, not a fight; yet news of the argument traveled so quickly that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about it on Friday. He was not aware of the argument … and maybe shouldn't bother being aware of it, as innocuous as it seems to have been.

But maybe Hardy brings this spotlight on himself with his volatility. And maybe Coleman brings it on himself with his goofiness.

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