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Cousins Beef Over Gas Money; One Dead

(credit: Dallas County Jail)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - An argument over gasoline money left a woman dead early Sunday and her cousin in jail accused of running over her twice then heading home to go to sleep, police said.

The victim's mother later called the suspect and persuaded her to go to the hospital, where officers took her into custody.

She was identified by police as Kassandra Martinez, 20, of Dallas. She faces a murder charge.

The victim, Yunel Aguilar, 24, of Dallas, died at Parkland Memorial Hospital shortly after the incident.

An arrest warrant affidavit gave this account of the death:

Aguilar, her sisters, and Martinez went to Viviana's Club on the 1100 block of Emerald Street in Martinez's 2002 black Volkswagen Passat. They agreed to give Martinez money for gas because the tank was almost empty.

At the club, the women argued about whether or not to leave and get something to eat.

Martinez left the club without her cousins, driving off with the women's purses in the car trunk and stopping at an Exxon gas station at 11366 Emerald Street.

Aguilar and her sisters caught rides with other people from the club, saw Martinez at the gas station and had their drivers pull into the gas station so they could get their belongings.

Aguilar and one of her sisters walked toward Martinez's car, talking to the suspect as they approached. Martinez asked them if they were going to pay for gas, and they said no.

Aguilar was at the back of the car trying to get Martinez to open the truck. One of the sisters told police that she then heard Martinez say, "Well, if that's the way it is" and Martinez put the car into reverse and backed up rapidly, running over Aguilar. Then Martinez drove forward, running over Aguilar a second time.

Martinez then drove away from the gas station and went home.

In an interview with investigators, Martinez said she had not been drinking or taking drugs before she drove over her cousin. She told authorities she did not feel any bumps or hit any curbs or poles when she drove out of the gas station.

Martinez's bond amount is $150,000.

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