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Coppell Deputy Police Chief Resigns After Internal Investigation

COPPELL (CBS 11 NEWS) - Allegations against a deputy police chief in Coppell are coming to light, after CBS11 obtained the 145 page investigative report.

Records show the investigation into Deputy Chief Matthew Kosec began with a complaint from a female officer.

An internal affairs investigator found back in March, a crowd, that included the deputy chief, had gathered at a detective's desk, laughing at pictures taken from a suspect's phone.

According to a number of witness statements, Kosec called the female officer over and instructed a detective to "go back" to a previous picture, showing the 18 year old suspect "nude and either touching or covering his genitals."

The female officer later wrote a letter to internal affairs calling the incident "very insulting, disrespectful, and humiliating."

"Not only was I embarrassed in front of my fellow officers, but more so the fact of a deputy chief being present and encouraging such an uncomfortable environment," she wrote.

Her letter describes a pattern of sexual harassment at the department, including an incident that did not involve the deputy chief, where she was told "due to my looks, there was no way I could be a police officer."

The same female officer later complained Kosec received preferential treatment after being placed on administrative leave.

Records show he was initially allowed to keep a police car despite a department policy expressly forbidding it.

Kosec eventually resigned in April, ending the investigation.

In a statement, he admitted, "There was no reason for her (or me, for that matter) to view the pictures."

He wrote, "I took an oath that prohibits this type of conduct and for that i will always be ashamed."

In an e-mail to CBS11, Kosec said he reached a mutual agreement in terms of separation from the City of Coppell.

He provided a copy of a reference letter the city gave him, saying he served his position "effectively" and demonstrated "diligent attention to serving the community."

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