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North Texans Beat The Heat One More Day As Temps Hit 100; Cooler Weather On The Way

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) -- It may not feel like it, but fall is just around the corner, both on the calendar and in the forecast. But, on Monday, summer was still in full swing for some at Celebration Park in Allen.

"Well, it's like the last splash pad that's open, and she loves playing in the water, so we decided to come out here and play in the splash pad," said Alysa Driggs of her daughter, Daisy.

"Give these kids a chance to get some last minute sun," said father Phillip Ferran.

"We came out here to enjoy the splash pad one last time before it gets cold tomorrow," said grandmother Rhonda Vela.

Labor Day may be the 'unofficial end of summer,' but both the Texas weather and calendar say otherwise. Fall becomes official on Wednesday, but a big break from Monday's scorcher comes even sooner.

And while crisp mornings and lows in the 50s may spell the end of outdoor splashing, many are ready for the change.

"I'm looking for that cool weather to come through," said Ferran. "The hot's nice, but it's time for it to cool down. Not get cold, just to cool down."

Others said an endless summer is just fine with them. "Not ready for it to go. Not ready for this cold weather," said mother Kristin Boone. "Absolutely not. I like summer," said Vela.

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