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Texas Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne Introduces Resolution Recognizing Heroes Of Synagogue Hostage Situation

COLLEYVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - The North Texas Congresswoman who represents Colleyville where Saturday's attack on a synagogue took place, has introduced a resolution to recognize the heroism shown by the hostages and first responders.

U.S. Representative Beth Van Duyne also wants to bring more attention to something about the attack that she believes is purposely being downplayed.

Is the federal government taking the threat of terror attacks on Americans seriously enough?

After what happened Saturday, Rep. Van Duyne said she doesn't think so.

During a speech on the house floor, she recognized the courage and bravery shown during the 11-hour hostage drama inside Congregation Beth Israel.

In a resolution she plans to introduce Thursday, Jan. 20, Rep. Van Duyne wants to officially document the crime as an act of terror with a clear anti-Semitic motive.

"He didn't go to an Applebee's, he specifically picked a synagogue. That wasn't by chance," she said.

Rep. Van Duyne accuses the Biden administration of overlooking the threat from people like Malik Faisal Akram by focusing too much on far right-wing domestic terrorism.

"There is a lot of hate for Americans around the world and by only concentrating on other Americans, I think this administration is completely missing the boat we've got a lot of enemies out there," she said.

President Biden called the hostage crisis at a synagogue an "act of terror" on Sunday, and praised local and federal law enforcement involved in resolving the standoff.

Rep. Van Duyne said her resolution has bipartisan support with at least 80 other House members expected to sign it before it's introduced.


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