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Colleyville Ministerial Alliance To Meet With Mayor After Hostage Incident

COLLEYVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Colleyville Mayor Richard Newton called a meeting of the Colleyville Ministerial Alliance for later this week after a hostage situation at Congregation Beth Israel.

The alliance is made up of 20 or so congregations from different faiths in Colleyville to learn from one another and to build unity in the community. The group started meeting in 2016 and meets quarterly. Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker is a part of the alliance as well.

"I think the benefit of the ministerial alliance is that it has given a lot of us a touchpoint to a relationship with one another that might not have happened otherwise," said Josh Anderson, Pastor at Colleyville Presbyterian Church.

"We don't all believe the same way or worship the same way but there are so many ways where we can find common ground and work together," added Kyle Bauman, Associate Pastor of Bear Valley Community Church.

Religious leaders said they hope the meeting will continue the community's unity and address several topics.

"One thing I would hope comes out of that meeting and for all of us is a renewed sense of urgency of the importance of building bridges across religious and cultural backgrounds and learning to love and understand one another," said Bauman.

"I think there's a great deal of unity and the things that we agree on which is we want Colleyville to be a safe place for people to live and raise their families to live without fear of one another or violence," said Anderson.

The meeting will take place Thursday morning.

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