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Choppy: That Moment When Expansion Is A Bad Thing

In the 117 year history of the U.S. Open, our National Championship, there have been 2 players to finish at -10 or better. There were 7 this weekend.

Its time to forget about broadening your footprint, U.S. Open, and just go back to the same courses you've been at for 117 years.

There's a reason the British sticks with the same handful courses in its rotation, and there's a reason why the U.S. Open has hit some speed bumps of late. They've gotten cute, they've tried to expand to different parts of the country, and they've broken one of the many cardinal rules of life.

Don't out-think the room.

The idea is great. Spread the love to different parts of the country, and maybe even get a good Pacific Time Zone prime-time finish on a Sunday night, but that isn't enough.

Sorry, but the reality is the best courses for this tournament all have the same traits. Thick rough, narrow fairways, false fronts, and most importantly, Even par.

Keep it simple.

The worst move people often make in sports is trying too hard to make things something they aren't. Putting a square peg in a round hole. That's what this was.

The Course looked great. I'm sure its a wonderful place. Awesome. Give it a tour event in August.

But its not a U.S. Open course.

Not at 16 under.

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