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Police: Chihuahua Put Vehicle In Reverse, Backed Into Traffic As Owner Was Pumping Gas

SLIDELL, La. (CBSDFW.COM) - A small dog almost caused a huge mess on a Louisiana road last week while its owner was left mostly helpless.

Police in Slidell said a chihuahua was inside the running SUV while its owner was pumping gas when chaos ensued.

Police said the chihuahua was somehow able to cause the vehicle to go into reverse and it began backing away from the gas pump and onto Gause Boulevard behind it.

In the video released by police, the owner could be seen frantically trying to open the driver door but it was locked.

The SUV could be seen crossing the four-lane road and just missing one vehicle that was driving by. The SUV eventually came to a stop when it backed into another gas station that was under construction.

Police said the owner suffered a minor injury after she fell trying to open the door.

According to police, there was a mechanical issue with the vehicle that allowed it to go into reverse without the brake needing to be pressed. The doors also automatically locked when the vehicle changed gears.

"It's a miracle that no one was seriously injured and that no other vehicles were struck during this incident," Slidell police said on Facebook. "Let this be a lesson to everyone to please use caution when leaving pets inside of your vehicle."

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