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Cha Cha Changes: No More Passenger Pickup At DFW Airport

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A perk that has long separated Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport from the country's other 20 largest airports will soon longer exist.

The bustling airport is the only one that has allowed people to park outside the doors in passenger pickup to wait for someone. As long as people stayed in their cars, there wasn't a time limit either.

One woman waiting to pick up family, Diane Adamec, said she will miss the convenient perk.

"I go to a lot of airports and they're all pretty much the same. This is the exception," she said.

But new signs have gone up outlining new rules set to start by September saying only those actively loading or unloading can park and wait for arrivals.

Airport executives told CBS 11 News the new rules came down to three factors: customer experience, safety and security.

The airport will use the next few months to educate drivers before the official change on September 8.


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