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Careful What You Wish For: Drenching Rain=More Potholes

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - While the soaking, and at times heavy, rains are helping relieve drought conditions in North Texas, it's also wreaking havoc on some roadways.

Streets and highways that are under or have had recent construction are falling apart due to area flooding caused by the heavy rains.

In McKinney there have been reports of potholes forming on southbound U.S. 75, near Eldorado Parkway.

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) spokesman Mark Pettit said it might take a while for road repairs to be made. "As we get a chance to get out there and repair, as soon as the weather subsides, we'll get out there and [repair] crews will be hitting it hard and fast."

Experts say weather related road issues are nothing new. "As soon as the rain starts to fall or as soon as we start to get freezing temperatures and we get that freeze-thaw effect happening that causes expansion and contraction on the roadways, you often see that happening especially at potholes and on the shoulders," Pettit explained.

Drivers are urged to not only take wet weather and high water precautions, but to also look out for road damage. "With that slickness on the road, you can't tell if there's a pothole under it or not," Pettit said, adding, "People really need to drive a little more carefully, put a little space between themselves and drivers in front of them and slow down."

There's another reason to be extra cautious when driving in wet conditions – the state is not liable for any damage caused to your vehicle due to highway damage.

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