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Senator: Activist Filmed Removing Campaign Signs; Approached Camera With Knife

MESQUITE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas Senator Bob Hall (R-District 2) posted a video on his Facebook page Friday that appears to show a man ripping down campaign signs in Mesquite. "The true nature of the Democrats is beginning to show," said Hall in a Facebook post. "Yesterday a well-known Democrat activist showed up in Mesquite and started cutting down signs that supports one of my fellow Republicans."

In the first part of the video that Hall posted a man is confronted by passersby as he appears to cut a sign down. At one point the man approaches the vehicle while holding a knife and arguing with the occupants that were filming him.

Hall discussed the incident on talk radio Friday.

"There's some really heinous things going on out here," said Hall to host Chris Salcedo on WBAP-AM. "We could see him down there slashing away at a sign and ripping them off."

According to Hall, supporter Sylvia Guzman was filming during the first portion of the video.  "Sylvia happened to be right there when he did and that's when he confronted here – as you can see in the video – getting very upset; coming at her with a knife in his hand and then backing off."

Deanna Metzger, Republican Candidate for Texas House of Representatives District 107 posted the original video Thursday on her Facebook page.

In the later portion of the video, Hall said he was filming as the man appears to threaten him.

"He started to leave then he changed his mind and he came back and made a strong verbal threat at me. I won't repeat the language that he used," said Hall.

On the video the man says, "You can take your phone and shove it up your ___ ___." The person filming responded, "Come and try." The video ends as the man approaches the camera. Hall said he was filming at that time.

Hall said that the man left then came back later and was back passing out literature.

Hall said that he didn't think it was frightening anyone from going out to the polls. "They need to come out. The Republicans need to stand up to this, and they are," said Hall. "The Republicans are turning out in record numbers. We have been very pleased with what the turnout has been."

Hall said that the issue was bigger than a battle between Democrats and Republicans. "This is a battle between good and evil," said Hall.

Campaign Sign Vandalism; Threat
(Credit: Senator Bob Hall/Facebook)



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