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Business Teacher In Dallas Believes Group Activities Foster Life Successes

Dallas Coach and Teacher Paul Phlieger believes his experience helps to benefit others. His advice is to make sure that you get a solid fundamental background as early as possible. 

Business Teacher Paul Phlieger (photo courtesy of Paul Phlieger)
Business Teacher Paul Phlieger (photo courtesy of Paul Phlieger)

Who do you work for and what is your title?

"I'm an employee of Quinlan Ford HS, in Quinlan, Texas. I currently hold the position as a business teacher and am the head coach for the boys cross country, basketball and tennis teams."

What kind of degree do you have and what kind of degree is required for your position?

"I currently hold a bachelor of science degree from Stephen F. Austin State University, with a major in kinesiology and a minor in business. To my knowledge, these are the degrees required to hold the position I currently have."

What do you feel was most valuable about your education?

"Having graduated in 1992, it's been a while since I have been in college. I went to get my basics out of the way at Tyler Jr. College, Louisiana Tech University, and then finished up at SFA. I worked my way through college so I didn't have much time to mess around or get in trouble. Since I was working for my tuition, it made me stay focused because I didn't like throwing my money away. My education made me realize how important each dollar was and in turn made me passionate about teaching my students how to save money, how to stay away from debt and how to dodge scams."

How do you feel working for the city of Dallas is unique compared to other cities?

"Dallas is a great area. It has a lot of diversity, and as we all know, you can get involved with a group early in life, whether it be athletics, fine arts or any specialized area. Dallas makes it easy to find a place that gives you a chance to be successful in your life."

What advice do you have for people who are interested in pursuing careers in business and management?

"Make sure you get a solid fundamental background as early as possible. Fundamentals, like any aspect of your life, are the keys to being successful. It's what you build on those fundamentals that make you who you are, and if those are shaky, we all know what happens to something not built on solid ground."

Judy Serrano writes romantic thrillers at She graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a BA in English. She is also a freelance writer for She lives in Texas with her husband, four boys and five dogs.

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