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Burleson Woman Devoted To Reuniting Lost Dogs With Owners

BURLESON (CBSDFW.COM) - A Burleson woman has become the "go-to" person in her community for reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Marjorie Kranz is a retired real estate agent, who also happens to be an animal lover.

For years, she's worked on her own time to help match found -- or stray -- dogs with families who have lost their pets.

Those efforts were mostly email based, until she set up a Facebook page – Lost Dogs of Burleson and Crowley Tx – in 2012.

Today, the page has more than 2,200 likes, and has helped channel information on hundreds of dogs. And hundreds that have crossed through her page, have been reunited with owners or placed in homes.

"It makes me feel satisfied, but it's not a happy feeling. It's more like a calling than anything," said Kranz, who owns four dogs, including three rescues.

She spends up to six hours each day, looking on community websites, classifieds and forums, for posts about missing or found dogs.

That information then moves to her Facebook page. When she thinks she's found a match, she'll contact one of the parties involved.

"There are times when I want to walk away because it gets so sad. But there's something that makes me say, 'One more dog, one more dog'. It keeps going," Kranz said.

That's how she helped the McDonald family, whose husky mix, Tank, bolted out the front door in March. Tank had a collar but no tags - he was new to the family at the time.

"He is a part of our family. We didn't know how we'd find him," said McDonald.

Her son, Aiden, asked about Tank all day. "They're absolutely best friends," the mom said.

McDonald made fliers. A co-worker posted a picture of Tank on Facebook for her. The next day, Kranz called McDonald, saying she'd seen another posting online that resembled the family's missing dog.

"Absolutely, I was so thankful," said McDonald. "Not everybody sees the fliers. The fliers would have just been right around [our home] and he was found [a half a mile away] in Old Town Burleson, which I would have never thought to post over there."

Kranz is in contact with animal shelters when new animals are brought in; she'll also go out into neighborhoods in her spare time and look for some of the missing ones.

Sandy Mansfield, the supervisor at the Crowley Animal Shelter, says Kranz is invaluable.

Jessica McDonald agrees. "I don't think we would have found Tank otherwise. There's no way anybody would have linked him back to us," she said.

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