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Burglary Suspect Arrested, Escapes In Police Car

Darren Porter
(credit: White Settlement Police Department)

WHITE SETTLEMENT (CBSDFW.COM) - White Settlement Police are searching for a man who escaped in a police car after being arrested for burglary.

Police have identified the man as Darren Porter, 41. They initially arrested him at the scene of the burglary, handcuffed him, and placed him in the back of the police car.

"He was able to roll down the back window," said Lieutenant J.P. Bevering. "He's a very skinny individual and was able to slide out the back window."

Bevering says Porter then jumped in the front seat and took off.


Kenny Boone, the man whose business was being burglarized, says the whole thing was like a scene out of a movie.

"It kind of reminded me of the Keystone cops. They were all running for their police car to chase this guy. I shouldn't say it was funny but it was kind of comical."

The car was later found abandoned in west Fort Worth, but the suspect is still missing.

"The left front tire is blown out. It looks like he probably hit a curb and just blew the tire out," said Bevering.

911 callers reported seeing the car driving erratically on the road.

Police are confident that they will capture Porter, who is now facing additional charges of felony theft and escape in addition to the original burglary charges.

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