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Building Inspectors With Degrees Needed In Dallas

With the population growing in Dallas, the need for new housing is expanding. City of Dallas Housing Inspections Manager Miguel Serrano says a need for building inspectors is increasing.

Housing Inspections Manager Miguel Serrano (photo courtesy of Miguel Serrano)
Housing Inspections Manager Miguel Serrano (photo courtesy of Miguel Serrano)

What kinds of inspectors are currently needed in the city of Dallas?

"We need all kinds of trade inspectors right now. With all the new construction going up, inspectors for plumbing, mechanical and electrical are needed. If you are a combination inspector, which means you can do more than one kind of inspection, there is more opportunity available."

Is there anything about Dallas that is unique in this particular field?

"Dallas is constantly growing and construction is at an all-time high. With so much space and so many people flocking to our city, the need to regulate new and older buildings is continuous."

Do you have any advice for someone looking to become a building inspector?

"If you have a background in construction, knowledge of building codes and are able to get your building or trade certification, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Always try to get a higher education, because these days it is more important than ever. The days of who you know and what you know are coming to an end. The degree is often specified in the job requirements. Dallas is a city that is full of ambitious, hard working people. I can't think of anywhere else I'd want to work.

"This is good news, Dallas. If you are looking for a job in inspections, the City of Dallas is offering opportunities for various kinds of inspectors. Whether you prefer plumbing or mechanical, high level or entry level, openings are obtainable. According to a report from Associated General Contractors of America, Dallas was one of the two Texas cities that led the country in construction jobs last December. Dallas is definitely a driving force in today's economy."

Judy Serrano writes romantic thrillers at She graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a BA in English. She is also a freelance writer for She lives in Texas with her husband, four boys and five dogs.


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