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Broken Pump Has Lewisville Urging Water Conservation

LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) - North Texas is sweating through a streak of triple-digit heat, and now the City of Lewisville is telling residents that they need to conserve water, at least through Tuesday. That is because of a water pump that failed last week at the C.R. Feaster Water Treatment Plant.

Crews are working to repair the pump, which handles 10 million gallons of water every day. That repair work is expected to be completed by Tuesday. But, until that time, residents have been asked to restrict their water use. Updates will be posted on the city's Facebook page.

Lewisville officials noted that the city will not run out of water. However, with one broken water pump, regular use does put a strain on the overall system. If another part of the system fails before the water pump is fixed, the city would be forced to purchase additional treated water from Dallas Water Utilities.

The purchase from Dallas is not able to be reversed and would result in higher water costs in Lewisville going forward.

Current water use in Lewisville, and throughout the entire DFW area, is very high right now due to the continuing streak of triple-digit temperatures and a lack of rainfall. Lewisville in particular has been under Stage 1 water restrictions since 2011, and Stage 2 restrictions may be enacted if the trends keep up.

Stage 2 water restrictions only allow outdoor watering on one day per week.

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