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Botched Burglar Calls 911 On Himself

Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore, burglary suspect from Parker County. (Parker County Sheriff's Office)

SPRINGTOWN (CBSDFW.COM) - An accused burglar is in the Parker County jail after he called 911, afraid of the homeowner who was holding him at gunpoint. He stayed on the phone for more than 10 minutes with the operator, even trying to convince himself the scenario wasn't real.

The man, Christopher Moore, was in the process of burglarizing a home in the 100 block of Lelon Lane in Springtown Tuesday morning when the owner of the home woke up and found Moore in his bedroom.

James Gerow said he thought it was his son, until he got up and realized his son was still asleep in his own room. Gerow noticed a truck parked outside that he didn't recognize, grabbed a handgun and walked outside.

Moore ran from the home toward his pickup, but Gerow chased him down and ordered Moore to stop and took his keys.

Moore climbed into his truck and sat there while Gerow and his son pointed guns at him.
Gerow's wife Lindy was the first to call 911.

LISTEN: Lindy Gerow's 911 call (edited for time and to remove personal information)


"You better come quick," she told authorities, "or my husband's going to shoot him."

Then Moore, still inside the truck, placed his own call.  "I'm out in the country somewhere. Some guy's got a gun on me," he said in the call. "He's going to come shoot me," he continued.
"Who's going to shoot you?" the operator asked.

"I don't know, this dude in the red jacket." Moore said.

LISTEN: Moore's 911 call (edited for time and sound clarity)


When deputies arrived both were still talking with 911 operators. When Gerow asked Moore why he was inside the house, Moore replied that he had "bad intentions." Gerow said he could tell the man wasn't thinking clearly, which is why he never fired the gun he was using.

Moore was then arrested and charged with burglary of a habitation, he's currently being held on a $35,000 bond.

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