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Bobcats On The Prowl In Plano

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) - Bobcat sightings in the evening hours along the Preston Ridge Trail are happening more often according to residents in the Plano neighborhood.

The wild animals are roaming through an underground network of pipes and drains there, according to residents.

"I just stopped it shocked me I wasn't expecting to see anything like that on the trail," said Christine Arnold who was in the middle of her evening run Wednesday when something caught her eye coming out of this storm drain.

She snapped some photos of the bobcat roaming around near the intersection of Hedgecoxe Rd and Coit Rd.

Others residents in the Northwest Plano neighborhood said they noticed the bobcats as well.

"It's about two and a half to three times the size of a large cat," said Dan Coburn has seen a bobcat three times recently.

Coburn said he thinks the bobcats are hunting for rabbits. A threat to rabbits -- sure -- but not to people, according to the city of Plano.

"As their behavior is apparently normal, there is no reason for an Animal Services Officer to respond."

Regardless of what the city says, some residents who use the trail are still concerned about the presence of bobcats on the prowl... especially pet owners.

"We have some cats in my area that run free and I don't want a bobcat having them for dinner or the little rabbits so its kind scary," said Plano resident Christine Mojezati.

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