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Billboard Criticizing Dallas' Decision To Remove Confederate Memorial Triggering Debate

KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - A billboard along Highway 175 near Kemp is turning heads and triggering debate.

It shows a Confederate soldier urinating on the Dallas skyline. Under a picture of a Confederate flag, it reads "I Support Confederate Heritage."

Controversial billboard in Kaufman County
Controversial billboard in Kaufman County (CBS 11)

At Rowdy's Diner on Wednesday, people shared their opinions.

"It's a big topic of conversation," said Mandy McConico.

Ray Herndon doesn't disagree with the message.

"The flag does not bother me," he said.

Still, he doesn't like the way it's conveyed.

"Why you gonna show a picture of a guy peeing on something? I think that's the most ignorant," he said.

Mandy McConico, who works at Rowdy's, said the general consensus in town seems to be against the billboard.

"Take it down. That's what I hear everyone say," she said.

Sitting within view of a church and a daycare, it's not clear who paid to put it up or why.

The billboard appeared two weeks after Dallas City Council voted to remove the Confederate War Memorial at Pioneer Park Cemetery.

The sign won't change that, but it is getting a reaction.

"I think it's a waste of money and it's dumb and they're poking a bear," said McConico.

One local resident is looking to take advantage of the controversy. 

He's started a GoFundMe account asking for money in an effort to bring the billboard down. He also started a competing GoFundMe for anyone who wants to see more signs go up.

Either way, it appears, he's willing to take people's money.

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