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Bike-Sharing Companies Nice For Some, A Nuisance For Others

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Two months after the City of Dallas gave the approval of bike-sharing companies like LimeBike, Spin Bikes and V Bikes, it's clear that people are pedaling.

Spend just a few minutes walking around Dallas and people are bound to spot one of the distinctly-colored bikes.

"Ah they're everywhere," said Jake Johnson. "Seems like a lot of people have been using them."

The bike's popularity is causing problems for some people though.

"It's convenient but it can be inconvenient if it's inconvenient to other people," said James Holland. "They should definitely regulate where they place them just because it's in the way."

Some have seen the cycles blocking sidewalks, near disabled parking, in random neighborhoods, locked to poles and one person found one smoking after its GPS tracker was ripped out.

"I ask those folks to be patient with us," said Roderick Chow of LimeBike. "We are constantly educating users."

Chow said while they are always tweaking rules and working with customers, the dock-less access is a crucial convenience. He said his team works around the clock tracking the bikes and moving them to more appropriate spots, but they cannot be everywhere at every moment.

"Bear with us. This is so new to the city and all of America," said Chow.

Downtown Dallas residents like Ken Moore said the bikes are not a nuisance, they are nice.

"Get over it," said Moore. "It's just a fun thing to do and they're pretty and decorative and a way for people to get around."

The City of Dallas said it is aware of the problem and has now modified 311 to allow folks to report misplaced or damaged bikes. A spokesperson said they are also looking at installing racks or corals in heavily used area to also help.


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