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Bieber Tweets Out Dallas Phone Number

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - An overnight tweet by Justin Bieber has phone lines across Dallas tied 'Up' and going 'Overboard.'

The pop star sent out a message on Twitter Wednesday night likely intended to be a direct message to another user.  The tweet, sent around 10:30 Dallas time, said "call me right now" and gave a number with a 214 area code.

Bieber Tweet
A screenshot of Justin Bieber's tweet with a Dallas phone number. The number has been blanked out by CBSDFW as a courtesy to the people with similar listings.

The problem is that Bieber had a question mark in place of the last digit, leaving fans to guess at it and giving at least one Dallas man some 'Heartache.'

Bieber deleted the tweet, but not before fans got a hold of it and started retweeting it.

The man estimates he's received nearly 1,000 calls since Wednesday night from fans hoping to be Bieber's 'Favorite Girl.'

Emily Horton, the man's attorney, says he started receiving the calls shortly after the tweet was sent out.  Horton says most of the callers have been polite, and have helped the man out when he asked them to message friends and others that it was not Bieber's number.

The man has had the phone number for over 20 years, and is listed in the phone book.  He uses the number for both business and personal calls, so Horton says the man is reluctant to change the number.  "He doesn't want to cut off communication with people," she said.  "He wishes there were some way to filter out the calls, but at this time, there is no way to do that."

Calls by Horton and the man to Bieber's record label and publicist have not been returned.

Bieber has had incidents with twitter and phone numbers before.  In April 2010 he tweeted the number of a Michigan teen he was trying to get back at for hacking a friend's account.

Last December actor Charlie Sheen accidentally posted his own cell number on Twitter while trying to send Bieber a direct message.

For now, the man can only 'Pray' that the calls stop.  Until then, he's simply 'Stuck in the Moment.'

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